About Me


My name is Eric Warncke and I have been doing SEO since 2007. I am currently an Independent SEO Consultant working with dozens of businesses around the world. Previously, I was the Senior SEO Strategist and SEO Team Lead at TriMark Digital, a full service digital marketing agency in Raleigh, NC, where I worked from 2016 to 2020. I am a Technical SEO specialist and created this website to share everything that I know with you.

Please feel free to email me at eric@supertechnicalseo.com with any questions you may have!

My goal is to make this website a one stop shop for anyone that wants to learn the ins and outs of technical SEO and I am always working to make it better! Your feedback means a lot to me, so please let me know if I could make this site better in any way or if I can help you with any problems you are facing. I am always happy to help a fellow Organic traveler.

Me and my son, Graham!