Why I Took A Break From Writing

Eric November 2020

Hello! Eric here – back after a long hiatus! You may notice I haven’t updated my site in a while and I think this warrants a brief explanation. In short, I was lacking passion.

I have always been passionate about SEO, website development, video, design and teaching other people about the things I’ve learned over the years, but face to face interaction has always been my preferred way of doing things. Getting to see someone’s reaction or getting an instant confirmation that someone is understanding what I am saying is invaluable when it comes to teaching and I was sorely lacking this when I blogged.

Of course things personally and professionally were hectic as well. In 2016 I started working for a large digital marketing firm in Raleigh, NC and the internal pressure and client load there never let up. Not to mention I was working plenty after my day job to earn extra money to buy my first house, which I managed to finally close on in June 2020.

But most of all, I just didn’t want to carve out the time to record and edit videos, upload to YouTube, write articles and manage the technical side of running a website, especially when there was no motivation or passion within me.

Ultimately, I had to meditate and search inside myself and figure out how I could get to a place where I had the motivation to get back to regularly creating content. I spoke to several people – colleagues, co-workers, family and friends – and asked them what they thought and all of them had the same thing to say, that I brought a perspective to the SEO conversation that no one else had. I had the experience and ability to explain and execute the most technical aspects of search engine optimization in a way that no one else does.

There are a lot of people who label themselves “SEO Experts” that don’t have a clue how to edit an .htaccess file or an nginx configuration file. Most people don’t have a clue how to make their own JavaScript or PHP scripts. There are a lot of things I do on a day to day basis that can empower the average SEO to earn more money and become more valuable to their clients.

That’s the reason I’ve decided to restart the Super Technical SEO blog. I know I have a voice that brings something totally different to the table. This is a resource for the doer; the person who comes up with the strategy and then executes it alone and reports on the success to the client. This is a resource for the curious; the people who want to know how they can take their SEO to the next level and always be able to solve any problem that comes their way without passing the buck (and their paycheck) off to the next person.

I’ve got a lot of great content planned for the coming days, so please stay tuned! Also please like and follow us on our social media channels!

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